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    These are from a wonderful book called The Art Of Comforting. Check it out and learn how to be better at supporting people going through difficult things.

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    Miley: “Dad I have something for Tanners bug collection”

    my uncle: “that’s great”

    Miley: “it’s a bird”

    my uncle: “no its not”

    -chirping noise-


    They let it go and it flew away just fine, so we’re wondering how she caught it.


    she caught another bird.


    update: she caught a squirrel today


    She is gonna rule the world one day with this power

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    white girls are out of control these days 

    She don’t love herself

    she really don’t

    White ppl r terrifying


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    this is my brother two years ago. we were at the park, just me and him, and he turned to me and said “kayla, don’t you ever wish there were no bad people in the world?” i thought it to be a funny thing for a 5 year old to say, but shrugged it off. last year, he didnt come home from school, we thought that being only in grade prep, he might’ve decided to go home with his bestfriend without telling us, but he didn’t.  the school confirmed they saw him get on his school bus after the bell rang. but thats all we knew, the bus driver said that he had gotten off a stop early, my mother was frantically searching the neighbourhood for him. we never found him. it’s been two years and we’re still looking for him, he was such a beautiful boy, and i cant help but think the worst. he could be anywhere in the world by now, so please, reblog this, no matter where you’re from, you could save a life. xx

    if you dont reblog this i have no respect for you. help save a child’s life.

    this literally breaks my heart

    this relates to my blog in 0 ways. but how can i not reblog this. you have to be one heartless person to not reblog this.

    I really hope he is found. 

    oh my god. have hope. i wish you the best of luck omg <3

    We are with you

    Please reblog this beautiful boy to help the family find their lost son 😢


    this has nothing to do with my blog. but please reblog this. this seriously made me cry. i hope you find your brother, dear!

    this breaks my heart

    i don’t really care if this isn’t indie soft grunge or bubblegum enough and will “ruin” your blog. you could be saving the life of a young child and if you see this and choose to not reblog it then you must be a seriously terrible person. please reblog if you have a heart

    what a handsome young man

    I don’t know what to say. I have two younger sisters and if I lost either of those… Well, just please help this girl be reunited with her brother. Fake or not I need to share this.

    oh god please just look

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    This example is mostly in ‘female-empowerment’ circles, but it comes up everywhere. Binary Trans people are expected to live up to ridiculous extremes for their gender in order to be accepted as credible. And if we don’t, then we get the lovely comment of “If you wanted to do X so much, why didn’t you just stay as your birth gender”. THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS. And most people aren’t even conscious of it. But if you have ever thought that of course that transwoman didn’t pass, she won’t even shave her legs! Or that transman shouldn’t be wearing such feminine clothes YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. YOU ARE SUPPORTING AND FORCING GENDER STEREOTYPES ON US. AND WE WANT YOU TO STOP.

    My boyfriend wrote a lovely rant to go with this post.

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    I laughed so hard at the word poots

    These poots are made for walkin

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  7. "When people say ‘This is my baby,’ they don’t always mean a baby. Sometimes they mean a dog."
    — A Somali student, on what has surprised her most about the United States. (via africandogontheprairie)

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    Hello!! I’m in need of a HUGE signal boost right now (and maybe a big reporting session) because my best friend is being blackmailed by her ex boyfriend. 

    I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to put here, but I feel like this should be a warning for anyone who knows him and just a general informative thing. Jacob lives in Australia and is 16 years of age. They’ve had a very unhealthy relationship and he’s threatened sending out her nudes multiple times. Jacob is very manipulative and emotionally abusive towards her and even ends up pulling me and her other friends into not being able to do anything because it’ll end up hurting her. He’s made around 7 Twitter accounts to contact my friend in the times that she was trying to get out of the relationship.

    In the picture above, he’s posted her nudes and threatened her.


    His Twitter accounts all start with @/neinthousand but the one that was most recently used was: @/neinthousand12 (but it was apparently deleted)

    His Facebook account is:Jacob R Hynes, and he has more but I am unable to find them. They’re under Jacob Hynes and the like.

    ********** UPDATES!!! **********

    First, we thought we had a compromise. 

    Then this happened not even a minute after:

    PLEASE CONTINUE REBLOGGING THIS. My friend is only 15 years of age and this is absolutely horrible. We’re getting ahold of local authorities but if you see the pictures anywhere (namely twitter) REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY.

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    Notizen die ich mir mitten in der Nacht mache und unglaublich lustig finde und ne halbe Stunde im Dunkeln drüber lache.

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